“Lisa’s approach to design is focused on delivering the client’s goals while developing an innovative and custom design concept.”


After the successful completion of Basil Leaf’s interior, the owner reapproached Pouls Hospitality Design to renovate the exterior façade of the restaurant as well as the building where the restaurant is located. The owner requested a modern design that complemented the new interior design of the restaurant.

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The original structure was built in three phases during the 1970s, and was expanded twice in the early and mid-1980s respectively. For this renovation, it was important to unify the building’s design by removing the three separate styles that existed to create one cohesive aesthetic. While adhering to the owner’s request for a modern design, it was essential to consider the building site and surrounding built environment while creating a sense of place for Basil Leaf. This building was the first in its older neighborhood to undergo a renovation; Pouls Hospitality Design set a precedent for future building renovations in the area, and was an early influencer to the revitalization of the neighborhood by other businesses.

The inspiration for the exterior façade design was directly influenced from Basil Leaf’s new interior, offering the first glimpse into the newly designed interior. Thoughtful use of materials creates visual interest and textural contrasts to the exterior. A minimalist design was applied to the façade and suggests a sense of being grounded, calm, and peaceful, an often-challenging task to accomplish along a busy thoroughfare. Two entrances anchor the building, accentuated by being brought forward and highlighted with warm wood toned siding. The remaining façade creates a contrasting backdrop for the entrances, with a custom dark gray stucco and earth toned stacked stone. A cohesive bond between the exterior and interior design demonstrates a purposeful sense of place for Basil Leaf; not only by improving the physical structure, but also by enhancing the surrounding built environment.

  • Commercial Building
  • Capital Improvements
  • Albuquerque, NM
5280 SF

Fall 2019


Basil Leaf, L.L.C.

What We Did

Exterior Architecture and Design
Custom FF & E
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A Stunning


Pouls Hospitality Design developed an exterior design that went against tradition, making a bold statement with a modern vibe. We turned an outdated mini strip into a stunning structure that set the standard for the neighboring businesses to follow.


Little has changed since it was originally built in the ‘70s. We were excited to transform this building into something amazing that the owner and her customers could thoroughly enjoy.


We delivered a building with a stunning cohesive design, while increasing the pleasure and value of the commercial property.