Design & Gather

“This project was ideal for Hyde. It was beautifully designed and perfectly themed for the environment.”


Overlooking the world-renowned fountains, Hyde Bellagio is a spectacular 10,000 square foot indoor outdoor nightlife venue, created by sbe Founder/CEO Sam Nazarian in partnership with global design icon Philippe Starck. The nightclub is comprised of Italian marbles, reclaimed woods, opulent chandeliers and glass doors.

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The Selfie Studio, the first of its kind, will feature your winning mosaic design permanently produced, installed as an 8’ x 8’ backlit, glass mosaic mural on a prominent wall within Hyde nightclub. This mosaic is destined to be a focal point of this den of grandeur for decades to come.

‘Champagne Wishes’ is a genesis of an alluring mythological goddess. She rules over the world of decadent, sparkling, golden libations. Her actions are playfully calculated as she inspires each fortunate guest by blowing a mesmerizing kiss ensuring ecstasy and pageantry befitting the Hyde Lounge. The Selfie Studio provides the perfect venue for guests to flirt with Hyde’s goddess while capturing her enticing beauty in a photograph preserving memories.

  • Competition
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
8 x 8



“Champagne Wishes,” was revealed to the crowd as the larger-than-life glass mosaic backdrop for what is now referred to as the “World’s Most Focal Selfie Studio.”


This image is a montage of several images overlayed and manipulated in Photoshop.


Thoughtful consideration was taken to create a design that enhanced and complemented the existing built environment. Hyde Bellagio, designed by Phillipe Starck, is inspired by an Italian villa. Using that as a starting point, I drew inspiration by researching Italian history from antiquity up to the present, focusing on the art and sculptures of the renaissance. Ideas that personify beauty, escapism, celebration, opulence and fantasy can describe Italian art as well as Las Vegas.

To develop the concept further, similar to developing a plot and the characters in a movie or play, I created answers to the 5W-1H questions. This created a storyline which I translated into a visual image. Thus, the concept of the masked beauty emerged, creating a synergistic relationship between the built environment and the mosaic mural.